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Thyroid Disease

Michael Todd Wood, MD, FACS

Board Certified General Surgeon & Complex Wound Care located in Houston, TX & Sugar Land, TX

Michael Todd Wood, MD, is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in the treatment of thyroid cancer and other thyroid disorders that require surgery. He has two offices in Sugar Land, Texas and one in Houston to serve the needs of these communities. He’s an expert who is widely respected for his surgical skill and expertise. Dr. Wood is also highly regarded as a physician who is committed to providing patient-focused care in a welcoming environment. Schedule your visit today by calling the office of your choice or booking your appointment online.

Thyroid Disease Q & A

Is the thyroid gland important?

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits at the base of your neck. It’s responsible for producing hormones that regulate vital body functions such as heart rate, digestive processes, energy levels, mental functions, and numerous other tasks your body performs around the clock.

Problems with the thyroid can affect your blood pressure, interfere with healthy nerve function, cause muscle aching and weakness, and create a wide variety of other issues that make it difficult to accomplish your daily routine.

Thyroid diseases that may require surgery include:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Noncancerous thyroid enlargement (goiter)
  • Thyroid mass or nodules
  • Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

You may also develop a mass or growth requiring surgical removal in one of the four pea-sized parathyroid glands that lie near your thyroid gland and are part of the endocrine system.

Can you live without a thyroid gland?

Your thyroid is vital to good health but sometimes requires surgical removal (thyroidectomy) due to cancer, a thyroid mass, or other serious issues. If you have a partial thyroidectomy, the remaining gland may be able to produce an adequate supply of hormones.

However, if all of your thyroid is removed, you need to take an oral hormone supplement every day for life. This synthetic hormone is identical to that which a healthy thyroid gland produces, and it performs all the same functions once the dose is adjusted to match your unique needs.

Is thyroid surgery complicated?

Depending on the reason for the procedure, thyroid surgery typically takes one to two hours. Dr. Wood may minimize the size of the incision to provide better cosmetic results.

Your surgery may include:

  • A thyroid lobectomy, when one lobe (half) of the thyroid is removed
  • An isthmusectomy, when the thyroid tissue or “isthmus” bridging the two lobes is removed to eliminate small tumors in the isthmus
  • A total or near-total thyroidectomy, when all or most of the thyroid tissue is removed

Dr. Wood discusses the details of the surgery and the aftercare process before scheduling your procedure. You can expect some lifting and activity restrictions for about 10 days following the surgery but can usually return to normal activities otherwise.

Schedule a visit with Dr. Wood today regarding thyroid disease and your surgical options. Call one of the offices or schedule your appointment using the online tool.